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Welcome to the website of iCPM ( integrated Constraints-based Performance Management) Solutions. Our mission is to help organizations to unleash their full potential and enable them to prosper and make continuous improvements in their performance.

We, at iCPM Solutions, believe that the ultimate goal of any organization, whether profit or a non-profit, is to make money now and in the future. In these increasingly competitive times, companies and organizations therefore must continuously improve their performance. Real and sustaining improvements means being able to produce and sell more products with less inventory and controlled operating expenses.

We, at iCPM Solutions, are convinced that the performance of organizations are limited by a few constraints within the value chain, individual organisations, value streams and/or business processes. We call this the system.

This conviction is based on the fact that systems can be viewed as a chain of processes and activities. The strength of a chain is determined by the strength of its weakest link. So, we focus on those weakest links. Constraints can result from paradigms, rules & procedures and/or physical situation. At iCPM Solutions, we will help your organization to identify those constraints and enable you yo manage and/or eliminate them. Elimination may not always be the best choice, because of the chance for wandering constraints, which could result in an ever changing business system. So, at iCPM Solutions we will help and guide you to the best direction to keep control of your business system as well as improving the performance at the same time.

The second reason for this conviction is the believe that any organization, no matter how complex, is governed by inherent simplicity. Taking into account and capitalizing upon inherent simplicity will enable organizations to "simplify their management control".

It is therefore our core belief that when we are able to identify, manage or eliminate those few root causes ( aka constraints ) we can simplify the management control within an organization by focusing on the constraints and as a result we will be able to improve its business performance and bottom-line results significantly and above all continuously.

The sky is the limit !!

Would you like to improve the performance of your organization?

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